AlvaHorse Equine Aromatherapy Grooming & Healthcare Products help protect the health and well being of Horses as well as enhance their good looks.
AlvaHorse was established in 1995 by a Welshman called Phil Bowen.
In 1992 Phil purchased a Welsh cob colt called Rhystyd Dazzler.
Rusty as he called him, grew into a fine horse and Phil was keen to show him off.
After searching the market place high and low for equine show preparation products to do Rusty's coat justice, he failed.
Phil then employed one of the UK's top aromatherapists to help him formulate a superior range at affordable prices.
He called the range AlvaHorse, Alva being short for Aloe Vera as all the AlvaHorse products contain Aloe Vera.
With the help of his products Phil had Rusty coat looking amazing and started showing him when he was a 5 year old Stallion.
Rusty went on to become a 'Supreme Champion Horse of Show' 13 times during his short showing career.
Sadly, Rusty broke his leg while out grassing in 2007.
AlvaHorse show products are kind to your horses skin and leaves their coats with a lovely gleaming finish.
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