ALVABARRIER - Mud and Rain Protector Testimonials

Hi Phil,
Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order for more ALVABARRIER Mud & Rain Protector.
The product is easy to use and is not messy, which  makes life easier for the staff at the yard.
In fact one lady is so pleased with the results on my horse that she has ordered some for her mare, who is retired and lives out permanently.
I will monitor progress throughout the winter and let you know how we get on!.
I have also just ordered some ALVAMIRACLE Cream to try as well.
Regards, Barbara McMaster

"ALVABARRIER mud and rain protector - who needs a rug when you've got this product?
You don't! Brilliant product!"
H Thomas, Pandeg Equestrian, Carmarthenshire

"ALVABARRIER mud and rain protector spray kept 4 white legs in superb condition all winter."
Sue S, Bonsfarm. Abridge, Essex  

"ALVABARRIER mud & rain protector excellent. Best on the market."
Tracey Hurr, S Godwin Rd, StratoneVillage,
Swindon, Wilts, SN3 4XT

"Mud problems - now gone - Thank you."
Sue Massey, Ashton Keynes, Gloucestershire

"Bought ALVABARRIER mud and rain protector as a desperate last attempt for a mare with very sensitive skin, kept it clear ever since. Brilliant."
Penny Jones, Dudley, West Mid

"Mud protector - this worked for me and Alley B."

Tricia Holtoys, Painscastle, Builth Wells