AlvaFly Biting Insect Repellent.

AlvaFly is a very effective fly and biting insect repellent and has the added bonus our moisturizing lotion.

When applied Horses and ponies gain real benefits against the painful bite of the dreaded horse fly.

For best results, AlvaFly should be liberally sponged or sprayed on to a clean coat, before putting the horse out.

Horses who are protected with AlvaFly can graze in peace, helping them to have healthier, happier life.

AlvaFly Testimonials:

"Very good fly spray.
AlvaFly biting insect repellent."

Miss H Broxton, Dee View Inn, Dee View Rd, Heswall

"Very good fly spray. AlvaFly biting insect repellent."
Mrs C Aldis, The Lilacs, Church Lane, Burford, Norwich

"AlvaFly biting insect repellent is the best I have ever tried!"
Jenny Aliscough, Ashurst Hall Farm, Higher Lane, Dalton, Wigan

"AlvaFly biting insect repellent - very good, definitely works, smells quite nice worth the money."
Rachel Pickering, 27 Rosslyn Avenue, Mountsmel, Leicester, LE12 7UQ

"AlvaFly biting insect repellent is brilliant and smells great!"

Jenny Murray, Irlam

"AlvaFly is fantastic for untangling tails!!!"
Liz Nelson, 26 Hareswood Rd, Irlam, Manchester

"Wouldn't be without the AlvaSweet itch controller and AlvaFly biting insect repellent.
My horse suffers from sweet itch and these products work wonders on her.
I always have a pot of AlvaMiracle Cream which I use on my horse for cuts and also my daughter (who suffers from mild eczema) for cuts and grazes so to treat myself the AlvaMassage Cream is lovely on my feet!!!! Thanks for the products!"
Sally Eagles, 6 Grange Mount, Heswall, Wirral, CH60 7TB

"Fantastic! I use the itch controller, the fly repellent & cream, they all work miracles."
Sarah Yiend, 1 Barrington Mews, GL51 6TZ

"AlvaMassage Cream - miracle on my bad back! AlvaSweet itch controller & AlvaFly biting insect repellent - still working on this sweet itch."
Nicky McCardle, Corston Stud, Essex

"Brilliant - no flies on us!"
L Manning, Little Mill, Builth Wells

"Very pleased with AlvaSweet itch controller and AlvaFly biting insect repellent - the best I have used."
Nikki Jones, Plas Hafod, Llansanthraid

"Used AlvaFly biting insect repellent - really good and absolutely brilliant."
Owen Thomas, St Clears

"Very good - only thing my horse will allow me to use - AlvaFly biting insect repellent."
Kamala Sutton, 10 Kings Avenue, London

"AlvaSweet itch controller and AlvaFly biting insect repellent - brilliant results."
Angela Voyce, Wynbrook Stud, Redmarley, Glos

"AlvaSweet itch controller and AlvaFly biting insect repellent work well and quickly."
Jenny & Steve, Webster Furzen Stud, Cheltenham

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