AlvaMiracle Horse Cream is a powerful antibacterial cream, specially formulated to help sooth minor open wounds, cuts and sores.

It calms insect bites and stings and its natural moisturising properties help to rejuvenate and tone damaged skin.

Excellent to use along side AlvaSweet itch on horses with severe sweet itch problems.

Excellent to use along side AlvaBarrier on horses with severe mud fever and rain scald. 

AlvaMiracle Cream

Testimonials for AlvaMiracle Cream:

Hi Phil, I´ve been using the AlvaMiracle Cream for nearly two weeks now, and it really helped reduce the redness and itching of the light rosacea I had for some years now.
The skin feels soft and smooth. I use it mornings and evenings and whenever I see red spots or feel itching during the day. It reduces them almost immediately.
When the pot is empty, I certainly will order some more!

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Best wishes, Elisabeth. Elisabeth Waschak

I would just like to say what a brilliant product the AlvaMiracle cream is.
We have used this a few times and even on our foal when he got bit and it healed up in a few days. It is brilliant for cuts and grazes even on Humans.
All I can say it is very refreshing to find a product that actually does what it says on the box !!!!
Kindest Regards, Sheila, Crynmerlyn Stud.


"AlvaMiracle Cream works on dry skin, great on bites and stings."

L Ryder, Scotland

"AlvaMiracle Cream very good."

C Stennett, Norfolk

"AlvaMiracle Cream is great for cold sores."

A McDeamid, Barwick

"AlvaSweet was great on my horse.  AlvaMiracle Cream is fantastic."

Sally Moffatt, Sheffield

"AlvaMiracle Cream excellent, used on burnt hand whilst at show between classes. Enabled me to put my gloves on and compete 2nd class.
No help from ambulance service despite payment per show £2.
iracle Cream saved the day."

Helen Wood, Lancs

"AlvaMiracle Cream worked wonders on a nasty girth sore."

Jo Storrie, Langley

"AlvaSweet & AlvaMiracle great products. Relieved sweetitch and eczema."

Michelle Barr, Wirral

"Used AlvaMiracle Cream on horses, dogs, cats and my sister. Sorts all, smells great and really works. Better than Forever Living Products."

Chrissie Clucas, Monmouthshire

"AlvaMiracle Cream is brilliant for shingles"

Kath Davies, Ceredigion

"Wouldn't be without the AlvaSweet itch controller and AlvaFly repellent. My horse suffers from itching and these products work wonders on her.
I always have a pot of AlvaM
iracle Cream which I use on my horse and also my daughter who suffers from mild eczema) for cuts and grazes so to treat myself the AlvaMassage Cream is lovely on my feet!!!!
Thanks for the products!"

Sally Eagles, Wirral

"Yes it's a miracle. No, really it is. It really is. Honest."

Mo Morrish,  West Mids

"AlvaMiracle Cream is fab. I don't use my eczema cream anymore. Thanks Phil x"

Lisa Gregory, Shrops

"AlvaMiracle Cream works miracles. Brill for sunburn!"

Miss C Conner, Bolton

"Brilliant cream. Pony fell on the road, knee/elbow/hock used pot of cream - not a mark left."

Diane Jordon, Wychbold

"Brilliant for skin problems."

Wyn Goodwin, Bolton M/C

"AlvaMiracle Cream allowed me to exhibit with bad hand."

Corrina Meadow, Essex

"Brilliant for all itches/bites and grazes (horse and human)."

Webster, Forzen Stud Elmstone, Hardwicke Cheltenham, GL51 9TN

"Brilliant - AlvaMiracle cream!"

Georgie James, Harrow

"AlvaMiracle Cream. Great for all minor cuts and grazes a miracle cream. Thanks."

Vanda Morris, Worcs

"AlvaMiracle worked wonders on my cut, works well for humans as well as horses!"

David Farmer, Lodge Farm, Wiltshire
RIP David.


"AlvaMiracle Cream stopped my leg itching for the first time in 2 months!"

Julie Birkin, Leics

"AlvaMiracle Cream used for 3 weeks on minor open wound, have started to shrivel up - fantastic!!"

Sam Davies, Welshpool

"Excellent on open wounds, cuts and sores, gets rid of them in a day."

Anna Newson, Shrewsbury

"Excellent on all minor cuts & sores. Leaves no scar tissue marks or white hairs - absolutely fantastic."

Lisa Swinbourne, Uppington

"Excellent for spots and even minor open wounds, cuts and sores, bruising could not believe my eyes."

Stacey Harris, Llanelli

"AlvaMiracle Cream - Good for lips, stops coldsores. Good for small cuts."

Liz Gibbs, Bristol

"Couldn't believe a product could work so quickly. We were proved wrong. Excellent a "miracle cream". Thanx."

"AlvaMiracle Cream - I've NEVER used a product so effective and soothing."

A Keegan, Robinsons Country Leisure

"Very good for itching. AlvaMiracle Cream."

Tracey Stevens, Guildford

"AlvaMiracle Cream is brilliant for everything!!!"

Miss Jessica Mansfield, Derby

"AlvaMiracle Cream -brilliant."

Katiblizles, Carms

"AlvaMiracle Cream worked wonders on my mare's face! Will be back for more."

John Spain, Trimsaran

"AlvaMiracle Cream is fantastic. Back for more!!"

Rebecca Downs, Maesteg

"Works on proud flesh and big hole in foal's heels (through to tendon)."

Duncan Hobbs, Oxfordshire

"AlvaMiracle Cream - great for scars and wounds - heals quickly - keeps skin moist."

Kath Hicks Blackpool

"Used AlvaMiracle Cream with fantastic results!"

A Mickleburgh, Lancs

"Excellent cream good for scars. Keeps redness away is great for minor open wounds cuts and sores. Very good."

Gemma Ramcke, Llanelli