AlvaSparkle Coat Conditioner.

A premium equine coat enhancer and conditioning gloss that is easy to use and gives a long-lasting high gloss finish.

AlvaSparkle helps prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the coat and reduces stable stains.
Best applied to a clean damp or dry coat and then brushed in the direction of hair growth.

When dry, polish with a sponge until it sparkles.

To learn more, read Phil’s show tips or view the AlvaHorse Show Preparation DVD here.


AlvaSparkle Coat Conditioner Testimonials:

 "AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss Excellent!! No Alternative."
Leanne Gillespie,

"All these products are excellent!! Especially recommend AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss!!"
Lesley Jackson, Glos

"Makes him so shiny!!"
Tessa Hamer, Bath

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss brilliant products and great to use."
Lauren Stables, Preston 

"It's wonderful it makes my Welsh Cob shine!"
T Millward, Rochdale

"Without the ALvaHorse products we would not sparkle. AlvaHorse has given us the winning shine!"
Elaine & Annick Hallam,

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss once used will never use anything else!!"
Denise Brown, Australia.

"Used AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss and have been winning all over the country. The results have spoken for themselves."
Mark Brown, Indi Welsh Stud, Australia

"I've used AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss and AlvaGleam the ultimate coat finish and my black mare shines all the time. Very pleased with the results."
Wendy Reeves, Bristol 

"Bought AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss @ Royal Welsh. Its wonderful!"
Elvet Durham,

"Use AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss on coats before taking to market. Brilliant!!!"
Annette Davies (Farmer), Pencader

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss really made my ponies shine."
Charlotte Rajay, Weston-Super-Mare 

"Use AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss and my LW Hunter won Best Turned Out at HOYS 2003."
Samantha Prior, Winchfield

"Excellent coat condition, fantastic!"
Chris Ralph, Shrewsbury

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss - very good product can guarantee a good finish to animals coat."
J Luader, Hants

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss/AlvaGleam the ultimate coat finish - fabulous products - fantastic for the show ring!"
Joanna Kelly, Weaver

"Int Champion HOYS 2002 using AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss."
Edward Young, Kniveton

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss - very good."
Ann Evans, Port Talbot

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss - excellent."
K Viles, Pembrokeshire

"Excellent products, coats shining like glass."
Sarah Bettell 

"Always shines through - Royal Welsh Supreme Champion 2000."
Matti & Jose Attrell

"Excellent products, the AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss is wonderful and so is the shampoo."
J Kiwsili, Cheshire

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss is a wonderful product, really shiny ponies."
Elaine Weir, Manchester

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss - superior gloss!!"
A Rawlinson, Manor House Farm

"It even makes the white ones sparkle."
Karin Eastwood, Cambs

"Put the sparkle back into my life!!! Shame about the lack of shows to use it!"
Vashti Hasdal, Carmarthen

"Parts of me are now "AlvaGleaming" and "AlvaSparkle" (that has never happened before "Alva")"
Jane Mabett, Ammanford

"AlvaSparkle conditioner and coat gloss - excellent hope this is as good for the dreadlocks!"
Lesley Allen, Mid Glam

"Keep Sparkling!"
Anna Prytherch, Aberystwyth