AlvaTeaTree Shampoo Testimonials

"Does more than make the coat shine! "

Michelle Riley, Boyne Place, East Hoathly, Lewes

"Great products - fab shampoo."

Susie Shepherd, East Beachmont, Durris, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

"ALVATEATREE Medicated Shampoo is fantastic, brings out great colour and sheen in the horse's coat."

Rebecca Poole, 52 Rockwood, Stillorgan

"ALVATEATREE Medicated Shampoo and ALVAGLEAM The ultimate coat finishgave great results."

Sandra Mitchell, Balcormu Stud, Fife, Scotland

"ALVATEATREE Medicated Shampoo - Excellent product."

Dianne Tym, Gee Cross, Chesh