Medicated Horse Shampoo

When to Use Medicated Horse Shampoo

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When should you use medicated horse shampoo ?
Groomers hear this question every day.
But not every horse needs a medicated horse shampoo at every bath.
However, bathing your horse with additional ingredients that he doesn’t agree with or need might just make him sick.
You should only use medicated shampoos when your pet is having a problem such as dry skin, fleas, or allergic skin reactions, and even then – know that every medicated shampoo isn’t going to work for every condition.
Medicated shampoos aren’t fix-alls for whatever ails your pet. It’s important to collaborate with your vet if your horse is having health problems. Then, once you know what the issue is, you can then locate the best medicated dog shampoo for the task.
Common pet problems that may necessitate medicated shampoo include wounds or injuries, Sweet Itch, eczema, infestation, dry skin, skin sores, bald patches, chewing or biting, dandruff or baldness