AlvaGleam - The Ultimate Coat Gloss Finnish

The Ultimate Equine Extremely Long Lasting Coat Finnish.


This coat enhancer uses a combination of AlvaHorse’s unique conditioner, extra coat gloss and our specially chosen essential oils.

AlvaGleam’s formulation combines the very best moisturising and other natural essential oils loved by horses and humans, but detested by those dreaded flies and midges.

AlvaGleam is best applied to a clean coat about an hour before exhibiting. As the coat is drying, it is polished with a sponge until it gleams. For the perfectionist, a velvet cloth can be used to create the ultimate finish.

To learn more, read Phil’s show tips or buy the ALVAHORSE Show Preparation DVD.

AlvaGleam ~ The Ultimate Coat Gloss 1Ltr by AlvaHorse

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