AlvaHorse Members Kit consists of the following:
1 x AlvaTeaTree ~ Medicated Shampoo 500ml
1 x AlvaSparkle ~ Coat Conditioning Gloss 500ml
1 x AlvaDazzle ~ Mane Tail & Feather Conditioner 500ml
1 x AlvaGleam ~ The Ultimate Coat Finnish 500ml
1 x AlvaShadow ~ Eye & Muzzle Highlighter 125ml
1 x AlvaMiracle ~ Horse Cream 100gms
1 x AlvaFly ~ Fly Repellent 500ml
1 x AlvaSweet ~ Itch Controller 500ml
1 x AlvaLice ~ Lice Repellent 500ml
1 x AlvaBarrier ~ Mud & Rain Protector 500ml

AlvaHorse Members Kit

  • AlvaHorse prides its selfs with high quality products, however we use external couriers.
    Please check packages for damage before singning for your order.
    Many thanks,
    Phil Bowen (founder)