Sweet Itch Bunfle 500ml.


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This fantastic set includes:
1Ltr. AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo
100mg AlvaMiracle
1Ltr. AlvaSweet Itch Controller

Includes Delivery to a UK address of your choice.

Why choose these products?

AlvaTeaTree Medicated  Shampoo:
Carefully formulated to gently cleanse the coat, soothe and cool the skin whilst ensuring that you don’t develop the dreaded ‘scurf’.

Medicated to avoid irritation.

AlvaMiracle Horse Cream:
A powerful antibacterial cream that has been specially formulated to help sooth minor open wounds, cuts and sores.

AlvaMiracle Cream calms insect bites and stings and its natural moisturizing properties help to rejuvenate and tone damaged skin.

What's so special about AlvaMiracle Cream ? 
For the love of the horse, AlvaHorse have gone to great lengths to choose, test and then select, only the highest quality ingredients.
AlvaMiracle has been proven time and time again to be excellent for minor Open Wounds, Cuts and Sores. Horses who are protected with AlvaMiracle and out of pain, happily graze in peace, helping them to have a healthier, happier life. Also very beneficial in helping to ease the effects of sunburn, heat and nettle rash and helping to maintain healthy skin.
AlvaMiracle Cream is very easy to apply and gives you the most effective results in the shortest period of time. Contains Tea Tree Oil and AloeVera

The tea tree oil smells lovely and acts as a deterrent to flies, leaving the coat smooth and beautifully clean.

AlvaSweet Itch Controller:
For the love of the horse we go to great lengths to source and continually use only the very best ingredients for AlvaSweet.

Applied regularly to the roots of the affected area, AlvaSweet can greatly improve the quality of life for itching horses.

This truly amazing product can be used on all breeds and colours to help soothe itching and reduce the suffering caused by midges, gnats and flies.

For an even happier horse, we recommend you use AlvaTeaTree Medicated Shampoo before the first application and at least once a month thereafter.

For bad cases with Minor Open Wounds, Cuts & Sores use AlvaMiracle – Horse Cream.

Sweet Itch Bundle 500ml